Syma - Where is the qr code? Does it even exist ?

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So I purchase the Syma x5c online and it comes to me today and I download the app from the App Store and there is a video tells me to go to and download the QR code so I do that but there is no QR code it doesn't exist anywhere on that website what the *** do I do

Syma Helicopter

Twin Lake, Michigan
Not resolved

Bought a Syma S14 Helicopter with the 2.4G Digital Controller.

On the second flight we flew about 20ft away from the controller and the helicopter stopped responding and flew straight up, never to be seen again. The helicopter should shutdown if it looses contact with the RF Control signal. Either it malfunctioned or the design is flawed.

Now I have no helicopter to return. I can't find this helicopter sold anywhere but Meijer.

I want to put the word out about this model. It was only about $30 reg $50. This is also a danger that this model could venture out of the safe place it is being used. Stopping abruptly or slowly after more than a short loss of control signal resulting in a crash would be understandable and acceptable.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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